Your vehicle will definitely experience some wear and tear at some point following years of driving, and not even timely servicing can prevent the occasional need for a part substitution.   Among every one of the parts of a vehicle, the ones that experience the most stress are the engine, axles, transmission, suspension, brakes, tires and lights.   With incessant stress, these parts will most probably break down or wear out.   Indeed, even among these parts, the ones that experience the most wear and tear are the tires.

Variations in weather and driving situations, kinds of roads, vehicle dynamics, and years of utilization together with lack of upkeep can affect the condition of your car tires to a considerable degree.   The impacts of these variables can cause decline of tire-material and loss of tire-tread that may bring about tire-sliding and perhaps accidents or auto collisions.   It is important that car tires get the highest care and upkeep since if they are not in a condition to perform properly, there is a serious risk to the safety of the car together with its occupants and other things on the road.   However, there is no need for panicking.   It is possible to ensure that our llantas Guayaquil tires stay in a fighting-fit condition for ages by following these simple guidelines.

Maintain the right pressure in the tire-You need always to make sure that the air pressure in your car tires is maintained in the appropriate range.   Under-inflation and also over-inflation of tires can facilitate uneven wear and tear on tires, decreased traction, reduced fuel economy and compromised steering control.

Ensure you constantly monitor the wearing process- A worn out tire is a key ingredient in the recipe for road carnages.   You for that matter, have to make sure you regularly check the wearing process of your vehicle tires to know the precise moment that you will need to substitute them.   It is a known reality that constant checking of the situation of the car tires can save you from a lot of hassle. To know more about car tires, visit

You need to identify the pattern of tire wear and attempt to gauge the reduction in the depth of the treads.   A considerable measure of tires have wear-out pointers known as "wear-bars" around the periphery as elastic marks between treads.   On the off chance that the depth of the treads matches that of the wear-bars, you absolutely need to replace the tire.   In case you can't find the wear-bar, you can as well use a tread measuring device. 

The measuring device requires being placed between the treads.   If the reading is approximately 2/32 of an inch, you definitely need a bridgestone tire replacement.   In extreme driving circumstances, it Is good to replace your motor vehicle tires before the reading of 4/32 of inch displays on the gadget.